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Overview of Legacy Comps by owner Tony Fitzpatrick:

“When I left St. Mirren as CEO and became club Ambassador I wanted to create a Legacy and came up with the idea of Legacy Comps Prize Bonanza.”

“One of the main objectives at Legacy Comps is to help youth sports clubs, charities and general good causes.”

“We have an affiliate programme where we give organisations a special code and everytime people use their code at checkout they receive a 20% kick back that is accumulated and can be used for anything they are in need of.”

“We have some amazing prizes from as little as £1.25 a ticket which include days out, £2000 holiday Voucher, Christmas hamper to name but few.”

“We are giving away a car or £10,000 on our live Christmas draw Thursday 21st December. This is our biggest prize to date.”

You can enter the prize here

This amazing prize is proudly sponsored by Consilium Plumbing & Heating and Love Each Moment – LEM.

How has your experience been working with Kev at KP Kreative?

Our experience working with KP Kreative has been truly outstanding.

We are delighted with the website which with Kevs help is evolving on a daily basis making the experience for our customers top class.

Highly recommended KP Kreative!

You can visit Legacy Comps website at Legacycomps.com and enter some of their fantastic prizes. Who know’s Jed and Tony could be calling you soon to say ‘You are a winner!”

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