Start Planning Your New Website Now for 2020

You may already be considering your plans for next year in business. Amongst those plans may be to either add a new website to your business as an additional marketing tool, or you are looking to upgrade your existing website to a more modern design and platform.

Whatever your decision, make sure that you think about the purpose of your website and what you aim to gain from your new website or re-design. The most common goals from business online is to promote your business locally, show your services, sell products online, or match up to, or out punch your competitors who have similar services.

The most common reasons for a re-design, can be down to re-branding, an out-of-date look and feel, a lagging speed of loading time, or it is no longer user friendly and does not work on mobile devices.

Plan in advance

It is advised if you have future plans to launch a new website or a re-design of your current one in the new year, to consider taking action now in the planning of your content and structure of pages. If you have an existing website, take the opportunity to review your analytics and the pages that are the most visited, where are visitors dropping off, how did they arrive at your site?

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