Start the New Year with a New Website

2016 is now in full flow and its the beginning of putting those new years resolutions into action, or at least thinking about them. Whether your business already has a website and you are looking for a refresh, or you are thinking of launching your first website this year, remember to have the mindset that your website is your online shop window and showcase for your brand.

A lot of businesses continue to use social media pages such as Facebook and Google+ as their only online presence. As much as Facebook is good for notifying potential customers of your business and offers, it does not give a professional face for your company if you do not also have a website to send people to for more details and potentially a way to buy products.

  • Don’t let your competition have the upper-hand –
    Most companies and individuals use internet to search for suppliers. If you do not own a company website, or have an outdated framework (not mobile friendly), your nearest competitors who do have web presence, have a gained advantage and are most likely to take over your potential business. Therefore, you should not wait any longer. Add to your customer base by setting up your own website to stay inline with competitors.
  • Customers will find you on the internet –
    Now that the majority of mobile phone users have smartphones, customers use internet to look for services and products on a daily basis whilst on the move. The internet serves as a tool for finding a relevant seller, who meets all buyer’s expectations – whether it’s price, quality or other criteria. This can save the buyer time and money in expenses, as well as give them a more open view to searching for and comparing products. A quality website saves your customers  time and makes their searching and shopping experience more enjoyable.
  • Time is key to reach first positions in search engine results –
    Top positions in search results is important for your business – it brings new visitors to your website, without additional costs incurred for advertising and promotion.
    However, your website will not reach first position overnight. It usually takes two or three months until your website (if it’s properly optimized for search engines) starts scoring high in the search results. Therefore, do not wait too long and invest in a professional website soon! Always consider these 2-3 months in advance if you are considering in promoting your business soon.
  • Your friends can promote your business –
    Think of your website as a business card, where you can fit more information. Your company information is displayed on your website. If a friend or a happy customer wants to recommend your company, they can recommend by passing on your website address, which can then be passed on again and again.
  • Website is cost-effective long term –
    Increasing number of customers contacting you through your website and low operating expenses are far more cost-effective than traditional means  e.g., contacting customer personally or participating on exhibitions.
    Considering the return on investment (the costs invested into development of a high quality website, less the profit your new website will generate), you will realise, that investing into the development of a professional website is very profitable.
  • Product catalogue on a website –
    There are two ways of having a product catalogue. A pdf printed version or an online store. The pdf version cuts down cost of printing and posting to customers, where the customer can easily print or view from the screen at home. The alternative, is to have an online store, where the customer can buy and compare products, without leaving the house or needing to visit your store.

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