That one time I saved a business over £40k in retainer fees

I can’t believe I haven’t been shouting about this way before now!

I had been doing a bit of a browse through my portfolio from my time as a freelancer at KP Kreative and asked myself why have I kept this positive outcome so quiet. I guess because the visual side of the project wasn’t where the wins came from (more of a backend project), it was more difficult to present as a case study.

The customer in question has been using Hubspot for their website and marketing needs. They had been using an agency that was charging around £4k a month regardless of any support needed or not, it was just one of those tied in contracts where there was a set fee.

Now don’t get me wrong, Hubspot development and support can be costly, as its very niche, though there isn’t always the need for that level of support continuously from outside the business. I think an adhoc approach may have been better in my opinion.

I was approached by the head of marketing who asked if I could help assist with making the backend of the website more accessible for internal staff,  so things could be added and edited much more simpler, without the aid of having someone else needing to pick up the changes.


Without a complete redesign of the website, I proposed to work on some custom modules and made some of the existing page templates flexible, so that they could be much simpler accessed and edited by the in-house team, not only to edit current pages, though add additional pages with the newly created templates and modules to choose from.

Over a calendar year, this would save the business around £48k.

Adding customisation and blocks of content that can be re-used and have flexibility to move, the team reduced their workload significantly to creating new content for their website.

No matter if it’s a WordPress website or a Hubspot website, I build with the view to making it user friendly for the customer to make as many updates as possible themselves. This may sound like it’s an opportunity missed to make more income, though I feel there is more value in longer term trust with a client allowing them to save budget and spend it elsewhere in their business and come back to you when they need additional support from one of your other services, such as printed material, graphics etc etc.

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Why have I used an image of a dog for this article? It was meant to represent a high five and also... I love dogs more than humans!

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