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Comtact Ltd. is a government-approved Cyber Security and IT Managed Service Provider, supporting clients 24x7x365 from their ISO27001-accredited UK Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Comtact had been using the Hubspot COS platform for their website for a few years, though had run into some issues with updating page templates that had previously been built for them to add new pages. There was minimal flexibility with what they could do to alter pages and move content around and for in-house, it was proving to be very time consuming for their staff members to update content or add new pages.

I was approached by the marketing manager at Comtact, to help with making their processes more slicker and more time efficient with some development to their existing website templates.

Adding customisation and blocks of content that can be re-used and have flexibility to move, the team at Comtact have now reduced their workload significantly to creating new content for their website.

I continue to work with Comtact on making updates and improvements.

Visuals coming soon.



Saved the company over £40k per annum on previous retainer with customised development with long lasting usability.

We're consistently impressed with Kev's knowledge and ability, helping us develop and improve our website (HubSpot COS). But most importantly, I trust his judgement and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him - which is a hard earned accolade!
Head of Marketing, Comtact Ltd
Comtact – IT Services

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