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Nuchido TIME+ is a powerful NAD+ supplement.

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Nuchido TIME+ is a powerful NAD+ supplement. There team of scientists and systems pharmacologists have created a proprietary formula that boosts NAD+. Study showed that Nuchido TIME+ increased NAD+ by an average of 242%.

The Brief

Following a successful campaign that both Nuchido and I worked on, I was approached once again to help build a standalone website portal for Nuchido Partners.

The Nuchido Partner Program was created for professionals who pride themselves on bringing the latest science-backed products and information to their client.

For the people who are passionate about helping others age well, maintain a healthy lifestyle and maximize their performance – no matter what their age.

The portal needed to be exclusive access only to partners so that they can access levels of information only available to them.

The Solution


After agreeing on a sitemap, the structure of the website was planned out, having in mind that internal updates to the website must be a slick process for posting regular updates for partners.

We chose to have 2 different navigations on the website. One vertically on the left to show quick access links to the six areas of expertise categorised into areas that the partners would recognise with themselves. The second navigation, horizontally across the top of the page, with access points to all the relevant pages within the sitemap.

Other pages within the portal are more informative on the product itself, as well as info on the partner program/how to order and finally a news and resources section.

Like everything else within the development of the website, the resources section was customised into a custom post type with two main category types, so that the team member given the task of adding resources has a really smooth process to add new resources and everything pulling through dynamically.

The portal itself was also given a one time password to access on an invite only basis.

More images to follow…

Team Nuchido are very grateful to Kev for stepping up at short notice to work on a really important development project for us with a tight deadline. Kev was super professional, made sure he knew exactly what we wanted and delivered a high quality site within the short timeframe required. Kev demonstrated a very high level of technical knowledge and experience, making some great suggestions that we hadn't been aware of, but his personal communication and project management skills were crucial to meeting our deadline. Kev discussed our financial budget with us and made sure that costs stayed within the agreed limit, that's really important for a start up business like ours. Thank you so much Kev - you can't get rid of us now, you are our go to for help and direction on all technical projects!
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