Changing the image of the business

This has been something I had been thinking on for quite some time, though with limited resources and customer projects taking priority I had put this on hold.

I had to also take into consideration, after building up such a trusted business and recognisable image, would people who recognised me before simply by my logo, recognise me now?

After giving it some thought, it was decided, why not start the new year with the new logo and branding, which has a more modern and simplistic look and with social channels being updated, use this as my method of spreading the word.

The ‘KP’ in the same format with the ‘K’ reversed was kept in place to give it some slight recognition from its past appearance. I am a big fan of simplistic minimal colour so this incorporated into the design.

If you are interested in a re-design for your business or you are a new start-up looking for your first company identity, get in touch.

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