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expedite-smallWhilst I was working as part of the design team of an inbound marketing agency in Glasgow through 2014, our marketing team were looking for different ways to offer new formats of digital marketing. We had used the Slideshare, eBook and other digital asset approach, though we were looking for something fresh that other agencies never used.

After some networking at a marketing event, Stipso was brought to our attention. A very slick marketing tool which enables brands and agency creatives to create and publish powerful, social infographics which simultaneously visualise data and allow users to contribute their own.

Stipso pretty much gives you the freedom to build your infographic within the application without exporting over a full design from wireframes. No coding is required, so the UI is very user friendly for marketeers without any design background.

We made good use out of the built in questionnaire feature, which lets you add questions with multiple answers and supporting graphics. In the background, Stipso collects data from the answers selected, so that the marketing team can run survey results for the campaign.

Running survey infographics was a very successful way for our customers to have their potential customers interact in a way that made things more fun and interesting and fed results back to the team.

Moving on from my time as working as part of the inbound marketing agency and now looking to gain customers for my own services, I would highly recommend Stipso for any agency looking to help their customers with this great marketing strategy.

The customer support is as good as any i have come across, with a very fast response and personal touch from the team to any queries you have.


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